Chevron Delo XLC Antifreeze


Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant is a non-nitrited extended life OAT (Organic Additive Technology) formulation for heavy or light duty vehicles and other equipment. Delo XLC is formulated with an aliphatic carboxylate corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate and a premix 50/50.


  • Heavy duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental controls being used where the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free coolant.
  • Mixed fleets where automobiles, light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks are being serviced and the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free product.
  • Recreational vehicles where a nitrite free, silicate free product is recommended.
  • On-road, Off-road and Marine cooling system applications.

Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant is approved for:

  • Cummins CES 14439•Detroit Diesel DFS93K217ELC
  • Deutz DQC CB-14
  • Komatsu KES 07.892
  • MAN 324 Type SNF
  • MB-Approval 325.3 (Concentrate)
  • MB-Approval 326.3 (Premixed 50/50)

Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant meets the specifications of:

  • ASTM D3306
  • ASTM D6210
  • DAF 74002
  • MTU MTL 5048
  • TMC RP 364

Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant is recommended for use in:

  • GE – Jenbacher Stationary Natural Gas Engines
  • Hino Truck Diesel Engines
  • Isuzu Truck Diesel Engines
  • Kobelco Construction Equipment Diesel Engines
  • MTU 2000/4000 Diesel Engines
  • Navistar™ MAXXFORCE Engines
  • Scania Truck Diesel Engines
  • Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) Diesel Engines
  • Volvo and Mack Truck Diesel Engines
  • Wärtsilä Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Vestas Wind Turbine Power Electronics External Coolant System
  • European HD OEMs that require both Phosphate-free and Nitrite-free formulations •
  • Japanese HD OEMs that require Silicate-free formulations

It is recommended that this product not be diluted with other coolant formulations by more than 25% in order to maintain performance claims.

Available in:

Jugs, Drums, Bulk